ViệtSpeak at the Neighbourhood Festival 2022

Call for Proposals

Image shows a young person sitting at a desk with their back to us. They are wearing a red t-shirt and their dark hair is in a ponytail. The back of their chair says FPS Vietnamese Bilingual Program. Two speech bubbles are on the mural. On the left side the message is written in Vietnamese and on the right it is in English and it says “Dear Footscray (and the world) we are worth more than bánh mì and a bowl of phở”.

Community Based Language and Power: Challenging Gentrification and Racism
ViệtSpeak invites you (students, parents, educators, scholars, and community activists) to participate in a gathering-symposium as part of the 2022 Neighbourhood Festival in Melbourne’s West. We want to explore ways that language and bilingualism can empower communities to move beyond monolingualism, challenging the process of gentrification and the linguistic racism that it can entail.

The themes and inquiries for submissions are:

  1. Redefining education success in immigrant communities
  2. Shame and Pride in Language, Heritage, Art & Community
  3. Voicing Trauma and Resistance Around Community Language Loss

We encourage submissions on the theme of language that:

  • support community based knowledge approaches in education for immigrant and Indigenous communities
  • explore and question how the educational system could better serve the needs of students, families, caregivers in our diverse community
  • share and evaluate cultural, pedagogical, and political strategies for strengthening the broad purposes of our work as community knowledge holders and power
  • explore and critique relationships of language and power to move beyond the colonial project

We are looking for three types of submissions in response to the themes listed above:

  1. Panel discussions of three to four people made up of parents, community members, researchers and artists
  2. Workshops for open discussion
  3. Creative responses: can be workshops, participatory performance art, visual art, radio play, interactive arts and crafts workshops, book-making, or other modes of expression

Submission Guidelines
Submissions are open until 28th February 2022. An abstract or proposal of up to 500 words will be accepted below or in PDF format by email. A selection committee comprising ViệtSpeak and invited advisory members will consider all submissions. Please nominate the type of submission in your response and how it relates to the themes outlined above. ViệtSpeak will notify all submission outcomes by 31st March 2022. The gathering-symposium will feature as part of the Neighbourhood Festival in November 2022. We welcome any inquiries and discussions prior to submission. If you would like to discuss your proposal or make a submission please fill out the below form or email: