We value multilingualism in communities and its reflection in schools and curricula.

Languages are lived. We value practice and policies that are responsive to, reflect and integrate the multifaceted nature of language and lifelong learning.

Language immersion learning is multi-sited. It happens inside the home, in family-student-school relationships and the broader community. 

The teaching of Vietnamese to both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese background children has a rich history in Melbourne’s west. We want to see this flourish and supported.

Language is an intangible cultural asset requiring community fostering between generations, community initiatives and responsive leadership.

We envision language education fostered by a network of parents, alumni and well-supported staff that is informed by community led goals and shared by school leadership.



A 0-18 Vietnamese high quality biliterate program, providing access to rich curriculum, cognitive benefits and deep knowledge. Located in Melbourne’s west, the program will be embedded in interdisciplinary and community learning for the development of students’ and staff’s holistic lives in life-long learning and engagement. It will be facilitated by a Vietnamese precinct of mainstream education offers and precinct officers, beginning with a local primary school offer.



Inclusive, excellence, evidence-based practice, reflexive, community-minded, transparency, empathetic.