Indigenous languages

Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages

The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, Inc., was established in 1994. It is the peak body for Aboriginal Languages revitalisation in the state of Victoria, leaders in the field of Language Revitalisation, Resources Development, Research, and the archival, development, Aboriginal Language Library and Aboriginal languages digital information.

VACL works to further multi-institutional collaborations serving the aim of Language revitalisation. The organisation partners with forty-four Language Groups and fourteen Lects in the state of Victoria and subsequent borders.

Keerray Wooroong Language Learning and Research Centre

The Kerry Wooroong Mother Tongue language revitalisation journey began in 1992, inspired by Ivan Couzens’ quest to reclaim language. Ivan gained funding and engaged Sharnthi Pillay-Krishna to undertake the research and compilation of the “Keerray Wooroong and Related Dialects’ Dictionary 1996, a very proud achievement. The centre is headed by Dr Vicki Couzens.